Bob Dylan's new album, 'Tempest,' is streaming for free on iTunes

Bob Dylan's new album, 'Tempest,' is streaming for free on iTunes

Sound is classic Dylan and totally wonderful.

Bob Dylan has done it again: He's putting out yet another incredible album, and reminding us why we love him in the first place. Dylan is a master. He has no equal. And on his 35th (yes, that's 3-5) studio album, Tempest, Bob is in top form. The sound is absolutely unmistakably Bob Dylan at his very best.

Tempest officially drops next week (September 11), but right now, fans can stream the whole album on iTunes for free. I'm listening right now, and I have been all day long. I can't not listen. I'm enthralled! This is very strong folk-rock, the kind we've come to expect from Dylan for decades now.I strongly suggest that Bob Dylan fans hustle over to iTunes to check out the free Tempest album stream while you can. You can find the direct link via Dylan's official website here. I can't think of better background music to ease me through my work day, or any day for that matter. From the 14-minute title track, "Tempest," to the soulful "Long and Wasted Years," this album is a winner. You won't be disappointed. I'm getting chills listening at the moment. Bob Dylan's lyrics do that to me, often.

At the moment, "Long and Wasted Years" and "Pay in Blood" are my two favorite tracks from Tempest, but that may change. I have a lot of favorites where Bob is concerned. A self-professed Dylan fanatic friend of mine weighed in just moments ago, and he says that overall, Tempest is definitely a much stronger set of songs than 2009's Together Through Life, and I couldn't agree more.

Get ready to dig in and revel in the wonder that is a truly brilliant Bob Dylan album. At 71, he's still very, very relevant in rock and folk-rock music!