Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart accused of assault

Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart accused of assault

Drummer allegedly attacked someone at a recent concert.

Former Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart is in a speck of trouble with the law. Specifically, he's accused of assault, in connection with an incident after a show in Kentucky last weekend. What the heck happened? Mickey always seemed so...mellow.

How bad is this? Bad enough: An arrest warrant was issued for Mickey Hart, and now, he's going to have to lawyer up. The news is definitely shocking to Grateful Dead fans. Why would the 69-year-old Hart assault someone after a show?At this point, exactly details about what happened are still coming out, but here's what we know so far: A victim  (who hasn't been identified) has decided to press charges against Mickey Hart in connection with an incident that happened after a Mickey Hart Band show in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, on Saturday night. The charge is assault, and that could mean anything from a push or a shove to a punch, right? No doubt more details will come to light in coming day, but for now, that's all any of us know for sure.

When news of the Mickey Hart arrest warrant first broke earlier today, Hart's camp was very quiet. For hours, fans got no response from Mickey, or from any of his representatives. Then later in the day, Hart issued a brief statement, saying:

I am totally baffled by a bizarre claim of assault by me coming out of Kentucky – the home of Bluegrass and a state I love dearly. Any accusation or claim of assault against me is completely false and without any basis whatsoever. I played drums on "Shakedown Street," but I never expected to be "The Victim or the Crime."

The whole situation seems so strange and surreal. As a longtime Grateful Dead fan, I can't ever recall Mickey Hart having any serious brushes with the law. If, as Hart claims, the accusations are "false," let's hope that comes out soon.