Jimmy Page speaks out about Led Zeppelin reunion tour rumors

Jimmy Page speaks out about Led Zeppelin reunion tour rumors

Don't hold your breath, fans.

Well, shoot: Led Zeppelin fans, I'm sorry to break this news, but I don't think the rumored tour is ever going to happen. I know many of us got super excited when Zeppelin put that big countdown clock on their Facebook page a few weeks ago, but it was just to promote the new Celebration Day DVD -- not a tour. At least, that's the way things look right now.

Word that a Led Zeppelin reunion tour probably isn't going to happen came from none other than founding member Jimmy Page. I'd say he qualifies as a credible source, don't you?For now, it looks very much like all of us will have to make due with the new live concert DVD Celebration Day for our Led Zeppelin fix. It comes out next month, so that's something, right? I have no doubt it will be amazing. Footage, by the way, is all from Zeppelin's 2007 reunion concert at the O2 Arena in London. I now believe that's as close as we'll get to another live show. Yes, the founding band mates have joined forces to promote Celebration Day, but that doesn't mean they'll be walking on stage again together anytime soon.

Jimmy Page laid it all out in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, saying, "I think if there had been any more concerts to be done, we'd already be talking about them. So I don't see it."

So there you go, fans. It really doesn't get more clear than that, unfortunately. I am thankful, though, that as fans of one of the world's greatest rock bands ever, we will have a great DVD of their reunion show to watch for years to come.