Make a tongue-in-cheek soundtrack

Make a tongue-in-cheek soundtrack

If nothing else, maybe it will make you feel better.

You know how everyone suggests that you write an angry letter to people who hurt you (or even a letter of forgiveness) and never send it to make you feel better? I am totally on board with such an idea. However, this is 2013 and you aren’t limited to letters. While I wouldn’t suggest making an angry text or email draft—you might send it!—I thought of a better idea today: an angry soundtrack.

I have unconsciously been doing this for years, I have realized. I have made angry soundtracks to go with situations where I am in pain and so angry at people my blood is boiling (“Gives You Hell” comes to mind, while “Time to Begin” is often played on repeat when I’m hurt by someone). When I was so angry at some relatives this year—people I’m still not friendly with, even now, months later, after so much pain—I plastered “Don’t Give a Damn Bout My Reputation” on my Facebook wall. Not that they could see it, of course, but it made me feel a little “Stronger,” another good angry playlist song.

I’ve made dozens of playlists over the years for my husband and me—I like to write long, obnoxious notes on the CDs I’ve made for him to play in the car. Funnily enough, the latest to be added to such mixes is “Unchained Melody,” mainly because we like to sing it together on the karaoke microphones lately.

But we were goofing off discussing how we’d like to send certain songs to certain people, and that’s when I thought it would be a wonderful idea to create angry playlists that you’d like to send—and then not send them, of course. For someone who keeps thrusting religion in our faces, for example, we thought about creating a CD with “Losing My Religion” and “Closer to God” on it. Yeah, not very nice, and I don’t mean to attack anyone—just to stop being attacked ourselves. But if I made the list—and especially if I gave it away—I guess I would be attacking someone, too.

So perhaps the list I really should be making is a peaceful list to simply help me deal with people during the holidays (and any other day) when I may be struggling with peace. Lennon’s “The War is Over” is a good one, as is his “Imagine,” right? “Seasons of Love” from Rent usually gets me in a good, loving mood.

What about you? What playlist are you itching to make?