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Are the Foo Fighters taking a break?

Band plays its "last show for a long time" at the Reading Festival.

Dave Grohl sent Foo Fighters fans reeling during the band's appearance at the Reading Festival in England earlier this week. During the Monday night show, the singer appeared to hint that it would be a while before the Foos performed live again.

Does this mean that the Foo Fighters are officially going on hiatus? Is this the death knell for the band? Will they stop touring forever?!  No. Calm down. It's definitely not over yet.The Foo Fighters' show at the Reading Festival was certainly one for the ages. The band cranked out 26 songs, including a lot of big-time rarities that likely sent fans into orbit (how about "Alone+Easy Target" as an example?). But it's what Dave Grohl said during the show that flipped everyone out and led to reports that things might be slowing down.

Grohl took a break from playing to address the huge Reading crowd, saying "You guys realize we've got a lot of songs to play. It's the last show of the tour and it's the last show for a long time." It's that last bit that spooks everyone. How long? A long time, as in, six months? Six years?!

It's not over yet this year for the Foo Fighters as far as live performances go, at least, not yet. The Foos are expected to perform at the Democratic National Convention next week. They've also got gigs lined up at the Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 21 and the DeLuna Fest in Pensacola, Florida, on September 22, 2012. After that? Who knows.

Dave Grohl probably just meant that the band was taking a break from all the touring. They've got to be tired, after all. The Foo Fighters tour a LOT. They probably miss home base. They want to spend a little time with their families, kicking back and maybe even writing some new music. They're allowed!

Surely if the Foo Fighters were taking an extended break, Dave Grohl would be a little more specific. Hopefully that's not the case, because in my opinion, the Foo Fighters remain one of the best live rock bands touring today.