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Tickets to see The Rolling Stones are just too expensive

How much is too much?

In the weeks since the big announcement that the Rolling Stones would be heading out to celebrate 50 years together with several concerts, the backlash has been building. Why? Ticket prices. Specifically, ridiculously high ticket prices. What are fans to do? Do we work extra hours to try and get enough money to pay such prices? Where do we, as fans, draw the line?

I remember when the Stones first announced the big Steel Wheels tour. In 1989, I spent a night huddled in a tent with friends, waiting for the tickets to go on sale the next morning. I was rewarded with great seats, but wow they seemed expensive at about $40. Ha!My, how times have changed. Now, the starting ticket price for the upcoming Rolling Stones shows in Newark, New Jersey, are somewhere around $115 (and yes, I do include fees, because really, they are so ridiculous these days). Honestly, that's a steep price to pay for the so-called "cheap seats," don't you think? The expensive seats are going for more than $800. Call me crazy, but who has that kind of money lying around for entertainment? Granted, it's the *Rolling Stones* but I'm absolutely certain that even if I did have the disposable cash, I wouldn't pay it.

Am I alone in feeling like maybe the concert industry is pricing us all out? What are fans to do? For their part, the Rolling Stones are defending their ticket prices, with Mick Jagger in particular noting that "it's a very expensive show to put on, just to do four shows, because normally you do a hundred shows and you'd have the same expenses."

Look, I get that it's expensive to put on major concerts. I do. But at what point do we, as fans, say enough is enough? Until we stop going, musicians (and their management) will continue to raise show ticket prices to the moon. If you had the chance, how much would you be willing to pay for VIP seats to see one of the four upcoming Rolling Stones shows?